17th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

September 12-18, 2020

last modified: 11 Nov 2020

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Main Track

[long] Fausto Giunchiglia and Mattia Fumagalli Entity Type Recognition -- dealing with the Diversity of Knowledge [long] Konrad K. Dabrowski, Peter Jonsson, Sebastian Ordyniak and George Osipov Fine-Grained Complexity of Temporal Problems [long] Roman Kontchakov, Vladislav Ryzhikov, Frank Wolter and Michael Zakharyaschev Boolean Role Inclusions in DL-Lite With and Without Time [long] Sara Bernardini, Fabio Fagnani and Santiago Franco An Optimization Approach to Robust Goal Obfuscation [long] Ringo Baumann, Gerhard Brewka and Markus Ulbricht Comparing Weak Admissibility Semantics to their Dung-style Counterparts -- Reduct, Modularization, and Strong Equivalence in Abstract Argumentation [long] Pedro Cabalar, Jorge Fandinno, Torsten Schaub and Philipp Wanko A Uniform Treatment of Aggregates and Constraints in Hybrid ASP [long] Michael Morak, Lukas Chrpa, Wolfgang Faber and Daniel Fišer On the Reversibility of Actions in Planning [long] Wolfgang Dvořák, Anna Rapberger and Stefan Woltran Argumentation Semantics under a Claim-centric View: Properties, Expressiveness and Relation to SETAFs [long] Laura Bozzelli, Aniello Murano and Adriano Peron Module checking of pushdown multi-agent systems [long] Nicolas Schwind and Sébastien Konieczny Non-Prioritized Iterated Revision: Improvement via Incremental Belief Merging [long] Jonas Philipp Haldimann, Gabriele Kern-Isberner and Christoph Beierle Syntax Splitting for Iterated Contractions [long] Giovanni Casini, Thomas Meyer and Ivan Varzinczak Rational Defeasible Belief Change [long] Davide Grossi, Wiebe Van-Der-Hoek and Louwe B. Kuijer Logics of Preference when There Is No Best [long] Patrick Koopmann, Warren Del-Pinto, Sophie Tourret and Renate A. Schmidt Signature-Based Abduction for Expressive Description Logics [long] Evan Piermont and Joseph Halpern Dynamic Awareness [long] Mateus De Oliveira Oliveira and Alexsander Melo Satisfiability of Symbolic Constraint Satisfaction Problems Parameterized by Width [long] Olga Gerasimova, Stanislav Kikot, Agi Kurucz, Vladimir Podolskii and Michael Zakharyaschev A Data Complexity and Rewritability Tetrachotomy of Ontology-Mediated Queries with a Covering Axiom [long] Gianvincenzo Alfano, Marco Calautti, Sergio Greco, Francesco Parisi and Irina Trubitsyna Explainable Acceptance in Probabilistic Abstract Argumentation: Complexity and Approximation [long] Przemysław Andrzej Wałęga, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Mark Kaminski and Egor V. Kostylev DatalogMTL over the Integer Timeline [long] Markus Krötzsch Computing Cores for Existential Rules with the Standard Chase and ASP [long] Gianluca Cima, Maurizio Lenzerini and Antonella Poggi Non-monotonic ontology-based abstractions of data services [long] Marco Calautti, Sergio Greco, Cristian Molinaro and Irina Trubitsyna Preference-based Inconsistency-Tolerant Query Answering under Existential Rules [long] Nadia Labai, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Simkus An ExpTime Upper Bound for ALC with Integers [long] Toryn Q. Klassen, Sheila McIlraith and Hector Levesque Changing Beliefs about Domain Dynamics in the Situation Calculus [long] David Buckingham, Daniel Kasenberg and Matthias Scheutz Simultaneous Representation of Knowledge and Belief for Epistemic Planning with Belief Revision [long] Massimiliano de Leoni, Paolo Felli and Marco Montali Strategy Synthesis for Data-Aware Dynamic Systems with Multiple Actors [long] Gerhard Lakemeyer and Hector J. Levesque A First-Order Logic of Limited Belief Based on Possible Worlds [long] Pedro Cabalar and Paulo E. Santos Spatial Reasoning about String Loops and Holes in Temporal ASP [long] Georg Gottlob, Marco Manna and Andreas Pieris Multi-head Guarded Existential Rules Over Fixed Signatures [long] Ismail Ilkan Ceylan, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Enrico Malizia, Cristian Molinaro and Andrius Vaicenavičius Explanations for Negative Query Answers under Existential Rules [long] James Delgrande A Preference-Based Approach to Defeasible Deontic Reasoning [long] Tuomo Lehtonen, Johannes P. Wallner and Matti Järvisalo An Answer Set Programming Approach to Argumentative Reasoning in the ASPIC+ Framework [long] Michael Akintunde, Elena Botoeva, Panagiotis Kouvaros and Alessio Lomuscio Verifying Strategic Abilities of Neural Multi-agent Systems [long] Martin Cooper, Andreas Herzig, Frédéric Maris, Elise Perrotin and Julien Vianey Lightweight Parallel Multi-Agent Epistemic Planning [long] Marco Console, Matthias Hofer and Leonid Libkin Reasoning about Measures of Unmeasurable Sets [long] Blai Bonet, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Hector Geffner, Fabio Patrizi and Sasha Rubin High-level Programming via Generalized Planning and LTL Synthesis [long] Renyan Feng, Erman Acar, Stefan Schlobach, Yisong Wang and Wanwei Liu On Sufficient and Necessary Conditions in Bounded CTL: A Forgetting Approach [long] Francesco Belardinelli and Vadim Malvone A Three-valued Approach to Strategic Abilities under Imperfect Information [long] Michael Benedikt, Pierre Bourhis, Louis Jachiet and Efthymia Tsamoura Balancing expressiveness and inexpressiveness in view design [long] Diego Figueira, Santiago Figueira and Edwin Pin Baque Finite Controllability for Ontology-Mediated Query Answering of CRPQ [long] Etienne Toussaint, Paolo Guagliardo and Leonid Libkin Knowledge-Preserving Certain Answers for SQL-like Queries [long] Sarah Keren, Sara Bernardini, Kofi Kwapong and David Parkes Reasoning about plan robustness versus plan cost for partially informed agents [long] Simon Rey, Ulle Endriss and Ronald de Haan Designing Participatory Budgeting Mechanisms Grounded in Judgment Aggregation [long] Heba Aamer, Bart Bogaerts, Dimitri Surinx, Eugenia Ternovska and Jan Van den Bussche Inputs, Outputs, and Composition in the Logic of Information Flows [long] Jean Christoph Jung, Carsten Lutz and Thomas Zeume On the Description Logic SHOIF Extended with Transitive Closure and (Restricted Forms of) Regular Role Expressions [long] Robert Ganian, Tomáš Peitl, Friedrich Slivovsky and Stefan Szeider Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Dependency QBF with Structural Parameters [long] Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Christoph Beierle and Gerhard Brewka Syntax Splitting = Relevance + Independence: New Postulates for Nonmonotonic Reasoning From Conditional Belief Bases [long] Michael Stewart and Wei Liu Seq2KG: An End-to-End Neural Model for Domain Agnostic Knowledge Graph (not Text Graph) Construction from Text [long] Anthony Hunter Reasoning with Inconsistent Knowledge using the Epistemic Approach to Probabilistic Argumentation [long] Giuseppe De Giacomo, Bastien Maubert and Aniello Murano Nondeterministic Strategies and their Refinement in Strategy Logic [long] Giuseppe De Giacomo, Antonio Di Stasio, Moshe Vardi and Shufang Zhu Two-Stage Technique for LTLf Synthesis Under LTL Assumptions [long] Tomasz Gogacz, Sanja Lukumbuzya, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Simkus Datalog Rewritability and Data Complexity of ALCHOIF with Closed Predicates [long] Thorsten Engesser, Robert Mattmüller, Bernhard Nebel and Felicitas Ritter Token-based Execution Semantics for Multi-Agent Epistemic Planning [long] Nahla Ben Amor, Hélène Fargier, Régis Sabbadin and Meriem Trabelsi Ordinal Polymatrix Games with Incomplete Information [long] Tomasz Gogacz, Victor Gutierrez-Basulto, Albert Gutowski, Yazmin Ibanez-Garcia and Filip Murlak On Finite Entailment of Non-Local Queries in Description Logics [long] Magdalena Kacprzak, Artur Niewiadomski and Wojciech Penczek SAT-Based ATL Satisfiability Checking [long] Jean Christoph Jung, Carsten Lutz, Hadrien Pulcini and Frank Wolter Logical Separability of Incomplete Data under Ontologies [long] Erman Acar and Rafael Peñaloza Reasoning with Contextual Knowledge and Influence Diagrams [long] Nicola Bertoglio, Gianfranco Lamperti, Marina Zanella and Xiangfu Zhao Explanatory diagnosis of discrete-event systems with temporal information and smart knowledge-compilation [long] Markus Hecher Treewidth-Aware Reductions of normal ASP to SAT – Is normal ASP harder than SAT after all? [long] Diego Figueira, Adwait Godbole, S. Krishna, Wim Martens, Matthias Niewerth and Tina Trautner Containment of Simple Conjunctive Regular Path Queries [long] Jens Classen and James Delgrande Dyadic Obligations over Complex Actions as Deontic Constraints in the Situation Calculus [long] Nico Potyka Bipolar Abstract Argumentation with Dual Attacks and Supports [long] Jake Chandler and Richard Booth Revision by conditionals: From hook to arrow [long] Tjitze Rienstra, Claudia Schon and Steffen Staab Concept Contraction in the Description Logic EL [long] Tjitze Rienstra, Matthias Thimm, Kristian Kersting and Xiaoting Shao Independence and D-separation in Abstract Argumentation [long] Adam Richard-Bollans, Lucía Gómez Álvarez and Anthony Cohn Modelling the Polysemy of Spatial Prepositions in Referring Expressions [long] Yaniv Aspis, Krysia Broda, Alessandra Russo and Jorge Lobo Stable and Supported Semantics in Continuous Vector Spaces [long] Marcello Balduccini, Michael Gelfond, Enrico Pontelli and Tran Cao Son An Answer Set Programming Framework for Reasoning about Agents' Beliefs and Truthfulness of Statements [long] Meghyn Bienvenu and Camille Bourgaux Querying and Repairing Inconsistent Prioritized Knowledge Bases: Complexity Analysis and Links with Abstract Argumentation [long] Yazmin Ibanez-Garcia, Victor Gutierrez-Basulto and Steven Schockaert Inductive reasoning about EL-ontologies using concept interpolation [short] Florence Dupin De Saint Cyr and Henri Prade Jokes and belief revision [short] Fillipe Resina, Marco Garapa, Eduardo Fermé, Maurício D.L. Reis and Renata Wassermann Choosing what to Believe - New Results in Selective Revision [short] Zeynep G. Saribatur and Thomas Eiter A Semantic Perspective on Omission Abstraction in ASP [short] Jean-Guy Mailly and Julien Rossit Argument, I Choose You! Preferences and Ranking Semantics in Abstract Argumentation [short] Van Nguyen, Stylianos Loukas Vasileiou, Tran Cao Son and William Yeoh Explainable Planning Using Answer Set Programming [short] Mario Alviano Answer Set Programming with Composed Predicate Names [short] Rafael Peñaloza Towards a Logic of Meta-Analysis [short] Andreas Niskanen and Matti Järvisalo Smallest Explanations and Diagnoses of Rejection in Abstract Argumentation

Applications & Systems

[long] Nikos Katzouris and Alexander Artikis WOLED: A tool for Online Learning Weighted Answer Set Rules for Temporal Reasoning Under Uncertainty [long] Antonio Rago, Oana Cocarascu, Christos Bechlivanidis and Francesca Toni Argumentation as a Framework for Interactive Explanations for Recommendations [long] Zhiwei Zeng, Zhiqi Shen, Benny Tan, Jing Jih Chin, Cyril Leung, Yu Wang, Ying Chi and Chunyan Miao Explainable and Argumentation-based Decision Making with Qualitative Preferences for Diagnostics and Prognostics of Alzheimer's Disease [long] Christoph Benzmüller Computationally Explored Simplifications of Gödel’s Ontological Argument [short] Andreas Niskanen and Matti Järvisalo mu-toksia: An Efficient Abstract Argumentation Reasoner

KR & Machine Learning

[long] Emile van Krieken, Erman Acar and Frank van Harmelen Analyzing Differentiable Fuzzy Implications [long] Gilles Audemard, Frédéric Koriche and Pierre Marquis On Tractable XAI Queries based on Compiled Representations [long] Regis Riveret, Son Tran and Artur d'Avila Garcez Neuro-Symbolic Probabilistic Argumentation Machines [long] Ralph Abboud, Ismail Ilkan Ceylan and Radoslav Dimitrov On the Approximability of Weighted Model Integration on DNF Structures [long] Giuseppe De Giacomo, Marco Favorito, Luca Iocchi, Fabio Patrizi and Alessandro Ronca Temporal Logic Monitoring Rewards via Transducers [long] Weijia Shi, Andy Shih, Adnan Darwiche and Arthur Choi On Tractable Representations of Binary Neural Networks [short] Jiaoyan Chen, Freddy Lecue, Yuxia Geng, Jeff Z. Pan and Huajun Chen Ontology-guided Semantic Composition for Zero-shot Learning [short] Fabio Aurelio D'Asaro, Matteo Spezialetti, Luca Raggioli and Silvia Rossi Towards an Inductive Logic Programming approach for explaining black-box preference learning systems

KR & Robotics

[long] Agnese Chiatti, Enrico Motta and Enrico Daga Towards a Framework for Visual Intelligence in Service Robotics: Epistemic Requirements and Gap Analysis [long] Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Andrea Orlandini and Alessandro Umbrico Modeling Affordances and Functioning for Personalized Robotic Assistance

Recently Published Research

[abstract] Thomas Eiter, Zeynep G. Saribatur and Peter Schüller Abstraction for Zooming-In to Unsolvability Reasons of Grid-Cell Problems [abstract] Cristhian Ariel David Deagustini, Maria Vanina Martinez, Marcelo A. Falappa and Guillermo R. Simari Belief Base Contraction by Belief Accrual [abstract] Mohan Sridharan and Heather Riley Integrating Non-monotonic Logical Reasoning and Inductive Learning with Deep Learning for Explainable Visual Question Answering [abstract] Jesse Heyninck and Christian Strasser Rationality and Maximal Consistent Sets for a Fragment of ASPIC+ without Undercut [abstract] Eugenia Ternovska A Logic of Information Flows --- Recent Published Research [abstract] Yanhong A. Liu and Scott Stoller Knowledge of Uncertain Worlds: Programming with Logical Constraints [abstract] Pierre Bourhis, Michel Leclère, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Sophie Tison, Federico Ulliana and Lily Galois Oblivious and Semi-Oblivious Boundedness for Existential Rules [abstract] Maximilian Pensel and Anni-Yasmin Turhan Reasoning in the Defeasible Description Logic EL_bot ---Computing Standard Inferences under Rational and Relevant Semantics [abstract] Rodrigo Toro Icarte, Ethan Waldie, Toryn Q. Klassen, Richard Valenzano, Margarita Castro and Sheila McIlraith Learning Reward Machines for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning (Extended Abstract) [abstract] Norine Coenen, Bernd Finkbeiner, Christopher Hahn and Jana Hofmann The Hierarchy of Hyperlogics [abstract] Marc van Zee, Dragan Doder, Leon van der Torre, Mehdi Dastani, Thomas Icard III and Eric Pacuit Intention as Commitment toward Time (Extended Abstract) [abstract] Yaqi Xie, Ziwei Xu, Mohan Kankanhalli, Kuldeep Meel and Harold Soh Embedding Symbolic Knowledge into Deep Networks [abstract] Julien Rossit, Jean-Guy Mailly, Yannis Dimopoulos and Pavlos Moraitis United We Stand: Accruals in Strength-based Argumentation (Extended Abstract) [abstract] Federico Cerutti, Massimiliano Giacomin and Mauro Vallati How we designed winning algorithms for abstract argumentation and which insight we attained (Extended Abstract) [abstract] Gianluca Cima, Maurizio Lenzerini and Antonella Poggi Semantic Characterization of Data Services through Ontologies [abstract] Emanuele Albini, Antonio Rago, Pietro Baroni and Francesca Toni Relation-Based Counterfactual Explanations for Bayesian Network Classifiers - Extended Abstract [abstract] Christoph Benzmüller, Xavier Parent and Leon van der Torre Designing Normative Theories for Ethical and Legal Reasoning:LOGIKEYFramework, Methodology, and Tool Support (Extended Abstract) [abstract] Ankur Padia, Konstantinos Kalpakis, Francis Ferraro and Tim Finin Knowledge Graph Inference using Tensor Embedding [abstract] Antoine Amarilli and Ismail Ilkan Ceylan A Dichotomy Result for Query Evaluation on Probabilistic Graphs [abstract] Mohan Sridharan, Michael Gelfond, Jeremy Wyatt and Shiqi Zhang REBA: A Renement-Based Architecture for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Robotics [abstract] Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz and Antonis Kakas Cognitive Argumentation for Human Syllogistic Reasoning [abstract] Johannes K. Fichte, Markus Hecher and Andreas Pfandler Lower Bounds for QBFs of Bounded Treewidth [abstract] Vaishak Belle Abstracting Probabilistic Models: Relations, Constraints and Beyond [abstract] Vaishak Belle and Brendan Juba Implicitly learning to reason in first-order logic [abstract] Rocio Gomez, Mohan Sridharan and Heather Riley What do you really want to do? Towards a Theory of Intentions for Human-Robot Collaboration

Doctoral Consortium

[abstract] Daxin Liu Belief Program Verification [abstract] Claudia Cauli Description Logics for Threat Modeling in Cloud Infrastructure [abstract] Nourhan Ehab An Algebraic Logical Framework for Non-Monotonic Practical Reasoning [abstract] Anna Rapberger Towards a Claim-centered View in Abstract Argumentation [abstract] Vitor Horta and Alessandra Mileo Interpreting Deep Neural Networks through Knowledge Extraction and Graph Analysis [abstract] Feng Renyan, Yisong Wang and Fangzhen Lin Using the Knowledge Expression and Reasoning method to solve the problems in Formal Verification [abstract] Gianluca Cima Abstraction in Ontology-based Data Access [abstract] Munyque Mittelmann An Auction Language for General Auction Players: Representation and Reasoning [abstract] Sanja Lukumbuzya Ontology-Enriched Data Management with Partially Complete Data [abstract] Fillipe Resina and Renata Wassermann Multiple Revision in Description Logics [abstract] Rafael Kiesel Quantitative and Stream Extensions of Answer Set Programming [abstract] Guilherme Paulino-Passos and Francesca Toni Content-Based Information Retrieval of Case Law - Towards Explainable Legal Argument Mining

Poster Presentations

Main Track

[poster] Tran Cao Son, Van Nguyen, Stylianos Loukas Vasileiou and William Yeoh Conditional Updates of Logic Programs and its Applications [poster] Jieting Luo, Beishui Liao and John-Jules Meyer A Formal Framework for Designing Self-organizing Multi-agent Systems [poster] Sylvie Doutre, Mickaël Lafages and Marie-Christine Lagasquie-Schiex Argumentation Frameworks with Higher-Order Attacks: Semantics and Complexity [poster] Christophe Labreuche Explanation with the Winter Value: Efficient Computation for Hierarchical Choquet Integrals [poster] Pierre Carbonnelle, Bart Bogaerts, Joost Vennekens and Marc Denecker Interactive Configuration Problems in Observable Environments [poster] Stefania Costantini and Valentina Pitoni Towards a Logic of 'Inferable' [poster] Miguel Couceiro, Erkko Lehtonen, Laurent Miclet, Henri Prade and Gilles Richard When nominal analogical proportions do not fail [poster] Arthur Boixel and Ronald de Haan On the Complexity of Finding Justifications for Collective Decisions [poster] Oliver Fernandez Gil and Anni-Yasmin Turhan Answering Regular Path Queries Under Approximate Semantics in Lightweight Description Logics [poster] Thanh Nguyen, Matthew Bundas, Tran Cao Son, Marcello Balduccini, Kathleen Campbell Garwood and Edward R. Griffor Specifying and Reasoning about Concerns in Cyber-Physical System Using Answer Set Programming [poster] Giuseppe De Giacomo, Paolo Felli, Marco Montali and Giuseppe Perelli HyperLDL over Finite Traces [poster] Munyque Mittelmann, Laurent Perrussel and Sylvain Bouveret A General Framework for Representing Combinatorial Auction-based Markets with Complex Bids [poster] Felix Lindner An Action-Based Analysis of Actual Causation with Applications to Explainable Planning [poster] Florence Dupin De Saint Cyr and Guillaume Romain BLF as a generalization of pessimistic and optimistic utility [poster] Jonatan Ferrer Mestres, Thomas Dietterich, Olivier Buffet, Iadine Chades and Sam Nicol Solving N-MOMDPs, K-MOMDPs and K-N-MOMDPs [poster] Leila Amgoud Explaining Black-box Classification Models with Arguments

Applications & Systems

[poster] Giovanni Amendola, Tobias Berei and Francesco Ricca Unit Testing in ASP Revisited: Language, Complexity, and Test-Driven Development Environment

KR & Machine Learning

[poster] Arindam Mitra, Aurgho Bhattacharjee, Chitta Baral and Peter Clark Learning Interpretable Models of Actions for Tracking Existence and Location Changes of Entities in Procedural Text [poster] Anna Zamansky, Aleksandr Sinitca, Dmitry Kaplun and Dirk van der Linden Automatic Animal Behavior Analysis: Combining Knowledge Representation with Machine Learning [poster] Yuncheng Hua, Yuan-Fang Li, Gholamreza Haffari, Guilin Qi and Tongtong Wu Meta Reinforcement Learning for Complex Question Answering on Knowledge Bases [poster] Srijita Das, Sriraam Natarajan, Kaushik Roy, Ronald Parr and Kristian Kersting Fitted Q-Learning for Relational Domains [poster] Akihiro Takemura and Katsumi Inoue Rule Extraction from Decision Tree Ensembles by Answer Set Programming [poster] Christian Meilicke, Melisachew Wudage Chekol, Manuel Fink and Heiner Stuckenschmidt Reinforced Anytime Bottom Up Rule Learning for Knowledge Graph Completion

KR & Robotics

[poster] Till Hofmann and Gerhard Lakemeyer Controller Synthesis for Golog Programs over Finite Domains with Metric Temporal Constraints