17th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

September 12-18, 2020

last modified: 18 Sep 2020

Info For Participants

This page collects all the necessary information for KR participants:

  • Zoom Rooms and Sessions
  • Instructions for presenters
  • Recording of sessions and privacy updated: 13th Sept
  • Slack updated: 12th Sept
  • Gather updated: 12th Sept

This page may be updated during the conference, as marked above.

Zoom Rooms and Sessions

KR sessions (as for the co-located events) will be held in "virtual rooms" (A, B, C, ..), which are Zoom meetings.
The Program page and the program overview show the links to join the sessions.

The rooms will be open only during the scheduled sessions: if you attempt to enter a room that is not currently being used, you will simply be told that the "host" has not yet entered. Consider these as regular rooms: if you use a link displayed for a session that has yet to take place, you will instead enter the session that is currently running in that room.

We recommend downloading the Zoom client and enabling your camera feed for a better experience, especially during the discussions.

Session co-chairs are instructed to configure the sessions so that regular attendees will not be able to use their microphones during the presentations. If you want to ask a question to the current presenter, just write this into the public chat. During discussions (Q&A), all attendees will be able to unmute themselves: The session chair will instruct individual attendees to unmute their microphone and ask their question. After that, you should always mute your own microphone.

For presenters

If you are a presenter, please refer to these instructions. Remember that is mandatory to join the session 10 minutes in advance.

For session chairs and co-chairs

You should have all the necessary instructions. If this is not the case, check your spam folder and contact the chair responsible for the virtual arrangements.

Recording of sessions and privacy

All sessions are recorded, but the Q&As and discussions will be edited out. Depending on the permissions received by presenters, the videos will be made publicly available (before the next day) on the official KR 2020 Youtube channel.

The videos will be in "active presenter mode", which means that only the slides/videos being shared will be on the recorded video, in addition to a small screen showing the camera feed of the presenter. For this reason, if you are not a presenter, during each presentations you should always keep your microphone disabled if you want to avoid that your camera feed is accidentally included in the recorded video. The camera feed of regular attendees will not be included in the video (unless they talk during a presentation, as just explained).


A KR 2020 Slack workspace is set up for KR 2020. All participants were invited to join by email (they received the invitation link). You will need a Slack account to join, which you can easily create for free.

As more people register to KR 2020 every day, we will continue sending inviation links at the end of each (conference) day. If your invitation link doesn't work, please contact us.

The workspace can be used for asynchronous paper discussions, technical support, and any other KR-related discussions, which is particularly important for participants from time zones far away from CEST. We encourage all presenters to monitor the Slack workspace, in case participants are willing to contact them: by default, each KR session has its own channel in the workspace (use the search bar at the top or the channel browser on the left, if necessary). Moreover, all participants can create additional channels to discuss specific matters or topics.

The Slack workspace also features a #support channel, in case you need technical support. Session co-chairs (and session chairs) should instead contact the chair responsible for the virtual arrangements for urgent matters.

Feel free to create additional channels for specific topics, and advertise them on the #general channel.


For the virtual social events in the evenings of Tuesday and Thursday, we will meet in the following space:

You should have receive the password by email - contact us if you can't find it. As more people register to KR 2020 every day, we will continue sending the password to new attendees at the end of each (conference) day and/or before each social event.

You will only need a web browser, microphone and camera to join.

The Gather environment is modeled after a real conference venue, with virtual room doors that lead to the actual Zoom sessions. It is set up for KR and all associated events (the DL workshop will take place in Room E, and NMR will be in room D). The space itself contains instructions on how to use it and there is also a short introduction video: https://youtu.be/X9XdjbyOJPo.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the environment before the virtual reception, the space will be accessible 24/7 starting on September 12.